Conquering anxiety and isolation –

one month at a time.

Welcome to your new favourite subscription box.

Teen Calm is a brave new subscription box filled with passion and purpose. We aim to show every teenager out there that they’re not alone. No matter what battle you’re fighting, Teen Calm has got your back.

We’re all different and beautiful people – but we need to learn how to take better care of ourselves. Teen Calm is here to encourage self-care, lift spirits, build confidence, and bring a rainbow of colour to your teen’s life.

And we manage to do ALL OF THAT in a single monthly subscription box!

What is Teen Calm all about?

Being a teenager can sometimes mean whirlwinds of emotion and days filled with self doubt and anxiety.

Feeling different.

Feeling alone.

Feeling the pressure.

There’s no instant fix.

But by practising regular self-care, teens (just like everyone else) can develop improved confidence, resilience and well-being. That’s how Teen Calm works.

How Teen Calm Works

We know how complicated these types of things can seem from the outside, so we’ve laid it all out as clearly as possible for you.

Teen Calm is a little box of love delivered to subscribers once every month.

It’s jam-packed with helpful gifts, stress-reducing toys, and relaxation-inducing goodies.

All you have to do to get your very own box is sign up, which only takes a few minutes and only involves answering a few important questions and providing payment/shipping details.

Teen Calm at a glance.

Click a few buttons and enter your details and you’re all set to go - it’s really that simple!
We send out our boxes mid month every month - so you’ll know exactly when it’s arriving!
Once your package arrives, the fun begins - discover all of the amazing treats inside!

Brighten the day of your special teen.

Don’t want to commit to a subscription just yet?

Purchase a one-off box to see if it’s the right fit for you and your teen.

Or maybe you’re ready to go all in and secure a 12-month supply of Teen Calm deliveries so your anxiety-dissolving presents are constantly flowing.

After you’ve signed up and given us your details, you’ll receive a nifty little email with all of the information about your order and when it’ll be shipping and arriving. We send out our subscription boxes mid month, every month, but if anything changes we’ll make sure to let you know.

Once your parcel arrives, you'll be able to discover what gorgeous goodies you’ve been gifted alongside your teen.

What’s inside the box changes every month so you’ll always be surprised by what’s inside.

Told you it was simple.

Teen Calm is the antidote to anxiety.

Who is Teen Calm For?

Many anxious teens find themselves in the position of not knowing how to self-regulate. This maybe due to a long-term condition like ASD or ADHD. They may be being bullied or have suffered a trauma. Often it’s simply a symptom of the biochemical challenges of adolescence, combined with the pressures of school.

Teen Calm is one way we can encourage our young adults to practise proper self-care, so they can develop the confidence, resilience and sense of well-being they need to lead successful, happy lives.

Get Your School Involved.

For many teenagers out there, attending school is a daily struggle. Not everyone knows what they’re going through and how the smallest things can put them in a vulnerable and anxious position. That’s why we want you to get involved!

There are tonnes of ways you can get your school involved with Teen Calm – you could list it as a resource on your webpage, mention it in letters sent out to parents, or even order subscription boxes for students that you feel could benefit from what we’re doing.

Reach out to us and find out more about how you and your school can get involved with Teen Calm.

Get ready for a calming treat!

A single box of treats
£25 plus postage
  • Mystery box
  • Perfect as a one-off treat!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Teen Calm For?

Our subscription boxes are aimed at those who need a little helping hand in their day-to-day life. It’s aimed at anxious teens, those with ASD/ADHD, and other forms of neurodivergence. Teen Calm is for anyone who needs their confidence lifting and a little reminder that they’re not alone. Any teen out there who feels left out, anxious, or in need of an extra boost, will benefit from the Teen Calm subscription box.

Can I Buy Just One Box?

Of course you can! With our Teen Calm subscription boxes, we offer one-off purchases, rolling contracts, and even 3 / 6 / 12-month subscriptions – you can also purchase past boxes from time-to-time (if our stock permits). We aim to please and want to make sure every teen is happy with their special delivery.

When will I receive my first box?

We post boxes mid month, every month by Royal Mail 1st Class so you'll always know when to expect it.

You will receive a notification when your box has been dispatched.

Are the boxes suitable for boys?

A self care routine is important for boys and for girls and our boxes contain treats that are carefully chosen to be suitable for both.

What Will Be In My Box?

Each and every month we switch things up and deliver new and exciting gifts to all of our lovely subscribers. Because we don’t know when you’ll sign up, it’s hard to say what exactly you’ll get in yours. However, you can expect to find amazing treats, like: fidget toys and stress toys, hot chocolate and other gifts, bath bombs and self-care goodies, and even motivational cards and fun toys. We like to mix it up!

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time here.

Who chooses what goes in the box?

Our boxes are designed by a mother and daughter team – Cathy and Freya – and they know exactly what kind of treats and surprises will help boost your teen’s mood, keep them engaged and present, and make their day extra sparkly and special.


What People are saying

A real treat!

My 15 year old daughter's first Teen Calm box arrived today and she loves it! She was so impressed with everything she received and especially liked the way it was all packaged so it felt like a real treat. She's neatly packed it all back in the box so she can unwrap it again!

Clare McDonald

Loved it!

The box has loads of stuff that calms me down. My favourite is the glittery squidgy ball. It’s got colouring stuff which calms me down and lots of unicorn stuff. Which I love.



Just received my daughters first box. She is currently opening, and sniffing everything. Love the contents and plans on reading the book if school closes.

Debbie Buckingham

We are very impressed!

We received a teen calm box and have to say we are very impressed. As a parent of 3 autistic children it was so nice to receive a well thought out product. Particular favourite was the wristband which hasn't come off since. The putty and fidget toy were very well received also. The package was well presented and well thought out,the cards and information inside was well put together with being patronising. I would highly recommend, very impressed.

Mandy Louise Chivers

Thank you so much!

Hi, my daughter has just received her second monthly box. I just wanted to thank you so much. Both boxes have been so lovely and clearly have had so much thought and care put into them. My daughter has ASD, anxiety and low mood. She’s having a tough week and receiving this box today was just what she needed.


Received our 1st box today. Fantastic ! How can we receive this monthly please?


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