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If your children are distance learning you have probably found yourself in uncharted and frankly overwhelming territory! Thankfully, many online learning providers are removing pay barriers, making their resources free for use during the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are some of the most useful resources that we’ve found to help you.

General Educational Resources

Use games to track your mood and teach yourself methods to take control of stress

Fold paper ninja stars

Movement and mindfulness videos

Courses for older teens or adults

3 free weeks of maker stations

Day by day projects

Explore the British Museum

Virtual tour – Great Wall of China

Visit The Louvre

Virtual tour – Yellowstone National Park

Courses from leading companies and universities

Kitchen skills 

Design skills for 9-14 year olds

Learn about weather

Test your geography skills 

Interactive history lessons

Gardening for kids

Nomster Chef recipe library

Learn about personal finances

Make a paper horse that walks!

Virtual Disney theme park rides

National Theatre at home

Paper structure engineering challenge

StarWars coding lesson

Free downloadable worksheets for a range of subjects

Cheap and easy science experiments

Free dance lessons with Diversity until May

Learn a language with Duolingo

Live streamed theatre productions

Free maths worksheets

Free digital marketing lessons for older kids

Lovely kindness challenge

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