Want to know more about our mission?

Teen Calm was devised by a mother and daughter team and it’s run entirely from their cosy home in the Midlands. The aim of Teen Calm is to help young adults develop a routine that builds self-regulation skills so they can cope with those annoying doubts and insecurities that sometimes have us all feeling down about ourselves.

Each subscription box from Teen Calm will provide a warm, welcoming, safe space where teenagers can establish a self-care routine, learn how to self-regulate, introduce calmness into their lives, enjoy a hefty serving of happiness and self-love, and even rediscover their lost confidence by finding their tribe.

Teen Calm is designed with affordability and accessibility in mind and the dream is to give teenagers all around the world a feeling of belonging and something to look forward to.

Cathy has worked in the wonderful world of marketing for over 24 years and has a list of accomplishments and achievements longer than your arm. With her latest joint project – Teen Calm – she wants to tackle the diverse problems faced by the tweens and teens of today.

With two autistic children, a pair of rambunctious dogs, and three thriving businesses to run, Cathy knows just how important it is to practise self-care and she understands implicitly how stressful life can be for all the anxious children out there. She is a Youth Mental Health First Aider certified by Mental Health First Aid UK (MHFA UK).

Along with her daughter, Cathy is ready to start making a difference and begin lending a helping hand (and the tools to learn more) to teenagers all around the world.

Our teenage founder knows just how much anxiety and neurodivergence can affect teenagers from all different walks of life. She was diagnosed autistic at 13 amid a massive mental health crisis, and coming to terms with her autism has played a large part in her recovery, along with learning what stresses and calms her.

Teen Calm is her brainchild. She has designed the subscription box to stop teenagers from having to pretend they’re OK when they’re not. Her aim is to help soothe and aid them in understanding what they’re going through.

She is in a unique position to help tackle this problem for kids all around the world as she has been through many of the same struggles. She knows exactly how it feels to go through life anxious, and wants to do everything she can to make Teen Calm accessible and affordable for all.

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